5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule is a game you can use to start any house party with a blast. It’s a perfect ice breaker.
You can play it with your closest friends or complete strangers, it will always deliver.
How to play?
Answer simple questions, you have 5 seconds to come up with 3 answers before the buzzer rings. First player to collect 10 correct answers is the winner!
– Hundreds of questions
– 7 Different decks
– Hours of fun with your friends and family
– Minimum 2 players, maximum 14 players
– Includes dirty questions for adults (NSFW)
– Includes family friendly questions
– Create your own questions
– No video ads
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I have only 1 friend?
No worries! You can play with 2 players.
How big can my party get?
You can play with maximum of 16 players. If you have more people, we recommend you split up into teams.
Can I play it with my family?
Absolutely, you can play with all cards, and leave out the dirty pack before the start of the game.
I don’t want to play with boring cards I want only the dirty stuff!
That’s not a question, but yes, you can play the game with ONLY dirty questions.