Charades is a drinking game of guessing. You put a phone on your head and your teammates explain the words to you, tilt the phone up for next card, and tilt the phone down if you guessed the word correctly. Created for students, bachelorettes, and all the other party people that want to drink to start their night.

Charades game can be played offline, without WiFi, and it consists of thousands of words you read to your friends. It’s a perfect game against your sobriety. You can also play with dirty cards if you chose.

We made this game because you and your friends are boring and you can’t come up with words that gets you drunk yourself.

—–! FEATURES !—–

– 5000+ Cards
– 18 Packs
– Hours of guessing with your friends
– For 2 players minimum
– Hating your vocabulary, friends, and humanity in the end

—–! HOW TO PLAY !—–

– Choose cards you want to play with
– Guess the words
– Loser team drinks.