Never Have I Ever

This is not your usual never have I ever game. This is the BEST never have I ever you should be playing in 2020.

We created the best never have I ever that will help you start any house party. We make partying games and Never Have I Ever game will help you start the night.

Never Have I Ever can be played offline, without WIFI, and it consists of a bunch of cards you read to your friends. It’s a perfect game against your sobriety.

We made this Never Have I Ever game because you and your friends are boring and you can’t come up with funny stuff that gets you drunk yourself.

—–! FEATURES !—–

– 1300+ Cards
– 8 Packs
– Hours of playing with your friends
– For 2 players minimum
– Hours of fun
– Hating your friends and humanity in the end
– Public embarrassment and disappointment

—–! HOW TO PLAY !—–

– Gather at least 1 friend (if you have any)
– Read the Never Have I Ever questions out loud (there are dirty question in it as well)
– If you have done what the Never Have I Ever card says you drink
– If you’re the only one from the group who drinks then reward your group of friends with a story

Get ready to have a wonderful time going through the memory lane of all the fun things that happened to you.